Snowy time

So here at the cattery we are absolutely basking in the snowy weather. The farm is looking its best 🙂 possibly because the snow is covering up all the weed’s and dirt but who cares, I love it. We have had some gorgeous cats with us and I can’t tell you how much working with everyones kitty’s has changed my life for the better. I went from working in a dingy factory to spending my days cuddling and looking after your gorgeous cats also whilst enjoying being at home with my two beautiful children. One thing which I have loved since opening the cattery is being able to help Keighley cat care fostering cats and kittens when they are struggling, Because we haven’t been upto capacity in our first year and had space and sometimes even being empty it has meant I have been able to offer this space to them and really help out. My favourite task with the cats and kittens is working with the shy timid cats and spending time with them and slowly watching them come out of their shells and making them more appealing as a new pet for somebody, this is really fulfilling. I have even ended up adopting one for myself 🙂 He is a gorgeous gentle boy called Luther and he is flourishing in his new surroundings here at the farm, he was an older cat and had been with the rescue for a while as well as being in the cattery for nearly four weeks. It just didn’t seem right, I have the perfect location – other than my other two cats to think about Maggie and Arthur (both reuse’s) this was the perfect home for Luther, and it absolutely it. He fits in perfect.

Here’s my little story for today – hopefully I will be back talking more garble.


Jade xx

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